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Neva Welton ~ Dog Dreams


Neva Welton - Dog Dreams
Neva Welton – Dog Dreams
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Author: Neva

I've often referred to myself as a "future human." It's been my best coping mechanism for always feeling out of time; not quite fitting in to the dominant paradigm; a life-long learner who never quite settled on One Thing. Over the years, I've tripped the lights fantastic in many art forms, but it wasn't until modernity delivered "mobile arts," that I finally felt in sync with the times. You’ll find my images whimsical interpretations of life with an emphasis on color and composition. All works begin with a photograph taken with my smartphone and then transformed through several mobile editing apps, allowing for a marriage of intention, vision, and happy accidents. While photographs are the start of the journey, the final pieces are far from traditional photography.

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