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{video} Knox Bronson ~ chasing deer on my bicycle


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  1. This is so smooth and the music goes with so well. Joni Mitchell’s lyrics…”they paved paradise and put up a parking lot” kept going through my mind while I was watching. Glad you put the bag down!

  2. Very Cool! the deer and you got a good workout. was your iphone mounted on the bike? It was very smooth

    • Hi Irene-
      Thank you! No, I was just holding it in my left hand. I was rolling down the sidewalk when I saw them heading down towards the parking lot. Had a bag with P1XELS’ posters for Indiegogo fulfillment. Made an instantaneous decision, put the bag on the pavement to the side of the entryway, pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, fired it up and coasted down the hill to catch up with them. Wasn’t sure if I would get anything usable or not.

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