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Rooms with a View


Cindy Patrick
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  1. this looks even better here Cindy… love it!

  2. I see a guitar (complete with wood “grain”) strung with birds on strings spanning the cutouts on the guitar body. (shrug) Title: View from the sounding boards

    On a personal note, it’s depressing that I can’t even get photoshop to run on a desktop, and if I could, I couldn’t make something as cool as this unless I dropped tea on the keyboard or something accidental…(sigh)

  3. Beautiful, Cindy! Surreal and magical. Very creative.

  4. Great to see this featured here too Cindy – you already know how I feel about it.

  5. Great one Cindy!!!

  6. Oooooo…just love this Cindy! Great organic feel to the buildings. <3

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