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{gallery} Prints for THE THIRD WAVE Exhibition Opening December 21 in Bremen, Germany


Here are the images I will be shipping to Butow Maler for his OutOfMyMind Gallery in Bremen, Germany. I’d like to mention that Butow’s image Dea was tied with Aylin Argun’s Soul Train as the absolute top vote-getters in the judging of the show. This gallery comprises the thirty-one highest-rated images by the five independent judges, plus two I chose for judges Maia Panos and Dan Marcolina as thanks.

What an incredible collection! When I look at them all together as thumbnails below, it is clear that P1xels has attracted the finest iphoneographic talent on the planet. I once again want to thank all the artists for their participation.

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  1. Thanks Knox for all your hard work with this exhibition. The show in Berkeley was great wish I could make it to Germany! Wishing you a great Christmas and awesome New Year!

  2. Thanks to you and the judges Knox! This is a dream come true for me! Very honored to be part of these amazing artist…see you tomorrow!

  3. Stunning collection! Congratulations to everyone!!

  4. Congrats everyone!! I’m so honored and excited to be part of this group!

  5. So honored to be part of this show amongst all these wonderful artist. Thank you to all the judges and Knox for your pursuit of the iphone arts and this Renisance of Modern Art.

  6. Congrats to all! Beautiful work!! Thanks to the jury and Knox for your passion for art and iPhoneography!

  7. I want to Say CONGRATS to everyone! what a great collection of art and the most talented artist out there… Best,

  8. So totally bowled over to be included in the show. Amongst so many fantastically apped creations – I feel a bit guilty that mine must have taken a fraction of the time that most of these beautiful pieces took to craft. Though I love to app too ; )

    • Richard – I was interviewed for an hour last night by the S.F. Chronicle about the show, and the history of P1xels, etc., for a feature set to appear a week from today. She asked me for several hi-res images for possible inclusion in the article. Yours was one of them.

  9. Congratulations to all who will have prints shown at this amazing show – the images are simply gorgeous!

  10. I am humbled by my inclusion in this incredible collection … thank you and congratulations to everyone riding the Third Wave !

  11. Congratulations everyone! So honored to be included! Heartfelt thanks to Knox for ALL you do and to the judges.

  12. OMG!!! We have a celebrity among us!! Congratulations Kristina Way to go girl!!!

  13. So inspired by these terrific images! Congrats to my talented friends!

  14. Yippy!!! I am honored and so happy! Thank you Knox and Judges.
    Congrats to all of the wonderful artist!

  15. Congratulations one and all!!!! Each piece —–> astounding!!

  16. Very honored to have been chosen for both showings! Very exciting for me being a newcomer to a show of any sort . Wish I could see it in person . I hope someone will take some video or photos for me.

  17. Congratulations everyone! Tremendous images!

  18. What an incredible collection of photos! Gorgeous, inventive, risk-taking. Congrats to all!

  19. BTW, Knox, could you correct my name ? ;-) It’s Capponi with two Ps, thx

  20. Again a great honor to be with great artists, and thanks to Knox and to the Jury!

  21. Yesss!! All works look awesome!!! Really honored to be a part of it!
    Once again – congratulations to all artists!
    And once again – Knox, many thanks to you!

  22. A heartfelt thanks to all the Third Wave judges for devoting your time and energies, and to Knox for your tireless efforts to promote this medium!

  23. Woohoo!!! What a delightful surprise! Congratulations to everyone selected! And a special thank you to Knox for pulling this all together.

  24. Again a great honor to be with the great iphoneographers.

  25. I’m so honored and very happy ! Thank you Knox and all the judges !!!
    Congratulations everyone!!!

    Yuppiiii ! :)

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