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Pictures At An Exhibition: THE THIRD WAVE revisited + a rant about iphoneography vs. “mobile” photography


The Garden Gate Creativity Center, aka The Giorgi Gallery, birthplace of the iphonic art movement

Here’s a little photo walk-through of the show.
One thing I did not announce in the call for submissions for THE THIRD WAVE is that the highest voted artists will be included in Dan Marcolina’s upcoming book “Mobile Masters,” as well as being featured in an interactive display at the upcoming MacWorld in San Francisco, for the duration of the convention. I am grateful to Dan Marcolina for working with me to provide this wonderful exposure for P1xels artists and this year’s amazing show.

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  1. Hey!

    Sorry late on this but I am so honored and proud. I can’t thank you enough for your work.
    You push me and motivate me to continue my passion.

  2. *passion*…… *vision* ……. *hard work*

    I thank you!

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