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The Bird Flock App


Recently, I noticed I was getting a lot pictures with pretty flocks of birds in them.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that it was an app putting the birds in the sky: the bird patterns looked very familiar. I looked into it and discovered this was the case and stopped publishing them.

I received two pictures today with the birds in them. Neither picture needed the birds: in both cases, the pictures would have been stronger without the birds.

The birds app, the planet/moon app, the water reflection app, the light ray/lens flare app … I won’t say never use them, because every app has at least one appropriate application … but be cautious, judicious, absolutely certain of the usage and remember: a little goes a long way!

What I am trying to say is “Trust your images.”

I  hope it’s not mean for me to post this video, but I thought it pretty damn funny and appropriate.


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  1. I think you forgot about “Add a kitty” app, and also “Add wings” and also feathers etc. I admire the people like Marie Matthews who can draw in their own wings and feathers. My drawings are so crude – more like scribbles – but I am starting to think that my many Moleskines might contain some material if I get desperate!

  2. I’m a huuuuge fan of Portlandia !

  3. My shot had real birds in it lol :)

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