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{daily pic} Gianluca Ricoveri ~ The Channel

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Gianluca Ricoveri ~ The Channel

This is simply one of the most beautiful countryscapes I have seen in a long time. Beautiful composition. I love the flow of the water through the image, echoed by the rust colored grasses on the banks of the stream, reflected in the bend, and mottling the sky. And such gorgeous blues in the water close to us. Absolutely lovely.

And much to my amazement, an incredible and so appropriate song by Donovan I’ve never heard before, from the album HMS Donovan, released in England only.

Lord of the Reedy River by Donovan

She fell in love with a swan
Her eyes were filled with feathers
He filled her with song

In the reedy river
In the reedy river

She in her boat, long hours
He in his royal plumage
She threw him some flowers

In the reedy river
In the reedy river

Black was the night and starry
She loosened off her garments
And let fall her hair

In the reedy river
In the reedy river

Sadly they mourned and sighed
Whilst in the evening twilight
Two swans glide and fly

Over the reedy river
Over the reedy river

She fell in love with a swan…

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  1. Every time I see this wonderful image, I have to stop and contemplate :)

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