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Andrew Proudlove ~ Stark


Andrew Proudlove - Stark
Andrew Proudlove – Stark
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  1. Hi Glenn,
    Thanks a lot – thats nice of you to say.
    As for technique… I’ll do my best to retrace my steps;

    1) I took the image into Snapseed, added a little drama and saturation
    2) Then I converted it to black and white – neutral with the red gel I think
    3) From there I went into MonoVu and added one of the filters #6 I think
    4) Back into Snapseed, where I did selective adjustments and punched up the contrast/darkness of the trees and bushes again
    5) I went into Pixlromatic and added the Alex film and the Paper light

    I believe those were the steps I took, the reason Im not entirely certain is because I have 4 or 5 variations of this image and so the jumping between apps is a little mixed up in my head.

  2. This is magic Andrew….
    I am very curious as to the technique you have used to achieve this great image?

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