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{daily pic} Petyr Campos ~ Addictions

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Petyr Campos ~ Addictions
Petyr Campos ~ Addictions

It has been a joy to watch Petyr grow and evolve as an artist. He does a lot of wonderful shots of San Francisco  and beach shots and some of his daughter – wholesome images of a young beauty.

And then he sends something like this in.

Impossible to resist!

It reminded me of another song from my misspent youth.

TV O.D. by The Normal

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  1. Knox,

    First, thanks for the Daily Pic selection. I watched the video and it compliments the image so well.

    Second, thank you for your kind words. I’ve had a lot of help from a lot of people in developing my iphoneography skills and sensibilities including: Egmont van Dyck who always provides me insightful thoughts on photography, yourself, by showcasing such great work and showing me what great work looks like and finally,the iphoneography artist community itself. There are a lot of artist out there whose work will influence mine at any give time by making me think more critically of my own work or just give me an idea. Thanks all.

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