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P1xels’ Featured Artist For June 2011: Roger Guetta


Roger Guetta

This month we are running later than usual. That is because Roger had a wonderful idea for a new way to do the interview: more as a multimedia experience, than a simple narrative text, and it took some time to produce.

I have to say that I just LOVE the whole thing and want to thank Roger for his generous contribution to P1xels’ community and to the art lovers everywhere who frequent the site. I am embedding the first video (there are several) and then linking to the site Roger and his associates have built. Thank you Roger!

Click here for the rest of the interview.

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  1. Roger, I saw this interview for the first time tonight. Great! I love it. Are you planning a sequel? Hope so …

  2. Insane dude! Andy Warhol is standing up and applauding! You are the real deal man! I LOVE this piece! I just went to your site. I’m stunned and amazed, delighted and inspired by your vision! You really are leading the pack now! I haven’t been to Pixels for awhile as other life stuff has distracted. But I am SOOO glad I caught this one before it slipped past! Bravo! And Knox, kudos to you too! This one’s a home run!

  3. Roger – You know I somehow missed your final words audioboo podcast – just listened to it. How wonderful! I haven’t commented on your whole interview – I look at what everyone else has been saying since we published it and there is not much I can add.
    I thank you for this amazing multi-part document on yourself, your great art and vision, iphoneography, the creative process, and our global community.
    I am truly grateful for what you have brought and shared with us all. -Knox

    • Knox- It’s been a pleasure collaborating on this together. I enjoyed every step of the process. You demonstrated a wonderful willingness to explore and great patience to see it through. I thank you for that.

      I wish everyone in the community good vibes and great success!

  4. Great! There are so many borders to cross. We all do this already with our photography. And now we’re on the way to do this in presentation and interviews. I love this! But i’m sure that’s still not the end of the road.

  5. Roger, great artistic multi-media answers for the questions! Love the sarcastic playfulness, and – at the same time – the solid enjoyment of life. Bravo!

  6. Thanks Jen… so happy you enjoyed it!!

  7. Wow, Roger! Fantastic interview, I’m speechless!!

  8. Really interesting interview. Visited your personal website. Lovely stuff. Your an inspiration to us all.

  9. Now that’s the way to do an interview !

  10. Congratulations to the “Grand Master” – so well deserved for such an accomplished and magnificient artist. You continue to push the boundaries and inspire us mere mortals! I tip my hat to you sir and and am most pleased to say I know you!!!! Keep up the great work and I look forward to being constantly mesmerized by your bountiful and exquisite work!

  11. The incognito character did it for me, I totally relate!

  12. WOW!!! Roger, it was amazing!! FAB! I was speechless from your terrific interview! You know, I am a big fan of your creativity ;)

  13. wow – how great is this!

    • Thanks Andrew…..really appreciate your comment!

      • I’ll be linking your interview to people who want to know a bit more about iPhoneography – namely people in the arts fields – you explain things well and give a great overview about where you see it.

        I recently had a documentary film maker interview me about iPhoneography with some ‘in action’ shots – not complete yet but the more of this stuff that is out there the better.

        • That’s great Andrew. I wish you well with that documentary. I agree, put it out there with pride and people will listen. There are many relevant artist working in the field right now and the more they are exposed, the better.

          Thank you for your comments about my overview….I tried to keep it honest!

  14. Thanks all…..I had a blast from conception to finishing touches on this one.

    I just thought: Get to know me a bit, my city, my peeps and my passions in
    a different way……hey the technology is here, why not exploit it!!

    Happy you liked folks….I feel all warm inside and Alan…..I can ship if you want?

    SHIP IT!!!!!

  15. VERY trippy, cool, entertaining and unique! (and thats just the first vid) Fantastic way to interview, Bravo, Roger! :-) :-) :-)

  16. Best. Interview. Ever.

    I’m going to miss a morning deadline for taking the time to enjoy the experience. It was more than worth it. You had me captivated from the moment that virgin wool label hit the floor and you whipped out your 8x zoom. Thanks also for putting icing on the cake by torturing me with your visit to our bagel factory and showing us the perfect hole.

    Aretha’s singing to ya, baby!

  17. This is fab Roger! Loved watching this …. you’re a great singer too! Just realised there’s more on the link, off to watch!

    Congrats :-D

  18. Thanks Karin….I’ll pass it on to Ariel about the editing. He is a young film student showing great potential.

  19. Okay guys, that was fantastic…you are very funny Roger…also really thought the editing was terrific.

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