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Rad Drew ~ Strange Wharf


Rad Drew - Strange Wharf
Rad Drew – Strange Wharf
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Author: Rad

Photography has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I shot through high school and college, and worked as a photojournalist after earning a BA in Journalism from Indiana University, Bloomington. In 2010, I discovered the iPhone. To say that it’s transformed how I see and think about photography would be an understatement! With the phone, my eye is always on because my camera is always with me. I see differently, and more. I'm more aware of the play of light and shadows on potential subjects, and I see things that I might have missed before. I’m constantly translating, framing, and considering the possibilities of how I might shape an image. I don't stop and shoot all I see, but many times I do, and the results are often wonderful. Since I don’t need to interrupt the creative process by waiting to get to the computer, I often get into a rhythm of shooting and processing that is more confluent than the way I use my Nikon. I’m more integral in the moment and more immersed in the creative process when I do iPhone work. When combined with social media, teaching and learning are easier than they’ve been in the art’s short history. It is a great time to be a photographer!

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